Saturday, December 31, 2011

Why 2011 Was A Good Year


  • We started 2011 celebrating in Vegas {and remember MOST of it}!

  •  In January, I also got to meet up with some old friends in our hometown.

  • I spent at least an hour feeling like a kid again, getting to bounce in a bounce house!


  • I tried "Spotted Dick" for the first {and possibly last} time in my life!  Not that tasty, but we had joke material for WEEKS!!

Nothing EVER happens in March...I must change that for 2012!

  • Now I remember what I did in March - plan for the Celebrity Dinner, a 1st time dinner/auction fundraiser that I put together with 2 of my friends from work.  
          In one night {and over the course of 6 months planning} we raised $20,000 for our high school!

  • Who could ever forget this day in history??

  • I celebrated being married to this guy for 6 years!

  •  We also moved out of my parent's house {after being there almost a year} into a cute townhouse that we are loving!

  • We also bought out 1st ever NEW washer/dryer combo!  All our other sets had been great, but they were older hand-me-downs.

  • My dad helped me start my 1st ever herb garden.  I have the black thumb of death when it comes to gardening, so this was a HUGE step for me!  I must say, I have done very well {and thanks to Gary, who also kept these herbs alive}.

  • We went to Alcatraz with my mom & dad.  One more thing Gary can check off of his Bucket List.

  • I turned 31, which I celebrated in......


  • .....with my mom for her 50  45  39th Birthday!


  • Thanks to my school, Gary & I got an opportunity to take a brunch cruise around the SF Bay.  Everyone MUST do this at least once in their life...where else can you get pictures of views like this?

Yes, this is UNDER the Golden Gate Bridge!

  • We did this fun wine weekend event with my mom & dad.

  • My mom & I stomped grapes {I would NOT drink that if I were you}!

  • I think Gary found his new favorite winery!

  • Tried out a new, local brewing company, which we are now hooked on!


  • My mom & I took our 3rd annual shopping trip to SF.

  •  I went with my Leadership class on a weekend retreat to the middle of nowhere and LOVED it!

  • Enjoyed Christmas with our family & friends!

Looking back, I realize what a great year for Gary & I.  We spent a lot of time with the people we love the most, we got back on our feet {financially & mentally}, and overall had a positive outlook on things.

Hoping your 2011 was as fulfilling as ours!  Cheers to an amazing 2012!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Loving Life {Trying the Blogger iPhone App}

We've been taking Sasha for walks everyday this week...she is loving us for it until we're about 10 minutes in. "Okay, mom, I'm ready to go home now!"

We also had 2 free dinner coupons for Chevy's, which we used last night. Only had to pay for this beauty right here!
So worth it! Gary and I both got the carne fajitas...a bit spicy for my taste, but delicious nonetheless!

Gary's on his last few days of vacation, so we're spending the next few days vegging.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Craziness

It's 2 days after Christmas and in the past 72 hours I have hosted 3 gatherings at my place.  One of them included my extremely cute, but extremely active {almost} 3 year old Godson.  I...AM...EXHAUSTED!!

Here's a glimpse into what my life has been like since December 24th.

My mom hosted Christmas Eve dinner and our annual watching of "It's a Wonderful Life."
Yummy Drinks

Yummy food!
Gary & I left for home at about 10pm, only to be back at her house {we live about 10 minutes away} by 8:30 the next morning for breakfast and PRESENTS!!

This year, we had to cut our Christmas spending budget {BOO!}, but we all still outdid ourselves {YAY!}.

I love all the different wrapping paper!

Mr. & Mrs. Sharkie Claus

My new bag for the gym

A popcorn maker!

He's a dork, but I love him!

Best movie of the year from the best brother ever

For my office at work!

Can someone explain to him how to wear this hat??

We love the Sharks!

Already read a little bit, and I am dying of laughter!
1st box

2nd box

3rd box!!


A locket!

Can't forget the stockings!

Then it was back to our place around 1, so we could get ourselves ready and prepare dinner.  Since my mom hosts so many events, I like to help her out by hosting Christmas dinner.

The next day, we had what we refer to as the Annual Hoex-Reeves-McCann-Laino Christmas Dinner.  At some point between Christmas and NYE, we get together with my best friend and her family.  Before we were married {oh, the good old days}it was just the Hoex-Reeves Christmas Dinner.  It IS much more fun with our hubbies {and, more recently, our Godson}!

This was dessert...I will blog the recipe later this week!

Looking for Nemo in the pond

Friends for over 20 years!

The guys

"No touch!"

Our lovely moms!

Gary with B

Our dads

B is reading to Gary

Dinner was so good, there was nothing left on our plates

Dee & Papa

The Laino's

Clothes?  Next, please!

Opening our gift...a Cars throw blanket

Trying it out!!

The McCann's & The Laino's

Our 2nd gift to B....we might just love him BIGGER than the world!

Santa B...HO HO HO

The Hoex's and the Reeves!

Today we had some more of my family over to show them our also helped us get rid of the Kahlua cake!  :)

Uncle Ron, Aunt Carol, Aunt Jo, Gary & me!

Like I said before, I am exhausted!  All I want to do is spend a day in my PJ's, relaxing on the couch with a good book or some movies.

I am hoping that by the weekend all of our Christmas stuff is put away, so I can focus on the new year.

Hoping you all had a Very Merry Christmas!!

***Who normally hosts all the gatherings in your family?***