Monday, March 12, 2012

A to Z

I found this cool survey over at Janetha's blog and thought I'd give it a go.  
A is for age: 31.  Physically it is MUCH harder staying in shape than in my 20's.  Mentally though - 30+ rocks.  I am so much more confident in myself and proud of who I am {even with a few extra pounds}.
B is for breakfast today: Egg muffins.  Seriously the BEST & EASIEST weekday breakfast I have come up with!
C is for currently craving: Nothing.  I am super stuffed from dinner.  Which leads to....
D is for dinner tonight: Taco salad.  Made tacos like normal, but dumped mine on a bowl of lettuce with avocado and some greek yogurt.  Freaking amazing!
E is for favorite type of exercise: Bike riding.  It doesn't feel like a workout to me.  I'd better be saying running pretty soon, since I am training for my 1st 5k! 
F is for an irrational fear: My husband would tell me it is my fear of wasps {the bug, not the people}, but I stay it is totally rational.  Their stings hurt AND they can keep stinging.
G is for gross food: Spam. McDonald's. Jello molds with fruit {really Jello by itself}.
H is for hometown: Milpitas.  M-Town, baby!  A small CA city stuck between 2 bigger cities {Fremont & San Jose}.  Some people rag on it, but I would move back in a heartbeat...I loved growing up there.
I is for something important: The past few days it has been my Day Runner.  I have my meal plans, my training schedule until June and all my blog ideas in it.  I am back to being organized.
J is for current favorite jam: "I Won't Give Up" by Jason Mraz.  I've only heard it twice, but I am head over heels in L-O-V-E with it!

K is for kids: None of my own {not sure if that will happen}, but I have the cutest, smartest, sweetest Godson.  
B trying out his new Cars blanket with Uncle Gary & Auntie Mo
We are also blessed with other amazing kids in our life.  We get to spoil them, then send them HOME!
And, of course, we have our 4-legged dog-ter, Sasha!

L is for current location:  My living room/den/dining room.  We live in a small town home, but it works for us at the moment.
M is for the most recent way you spent money: Groceries
N is for something you need: SLEEP!
O is for occupation: Activities Secretary at a high school.  BEST.JOB.EVER!!
P is for pet peeve: People who drive SLOW on the freeway.  My favorite George Carlin joke: "You drive like old people f*ck.  Slow and sloppy."  It gets me every time.  
Q is for a quote: "Failure IS an option. Do NOT make it yours!"
R is for random fact about you: I have 5 thumbs.  Or is it 6?  Wait, it's 2...totally random!
S is for favorite healthy snack: greek yogurt with blueberries and dried coconut
T is for favorite treat: That HUGE chocolate cake from Costco {not the whole thing}
U is for something that makes you unique: Ummm...I am drawing a blank.  My personality is VERY unique {I think}.
V is for favorite vegetable: Kale, Broccoli and Eggplant.
W is for today’s workout: Nothing.  I do not train on Monday.
X is for X-rays you’ve had: Hysterosalpingogram in 2009.  Worst.Pain.EVVVER!  Things should never go UP your fallopian tubes! I still want to cry when I think about this procedure.  Never again, I tell you.
Y is for yesterday’s highlight: Getting my training schedule and meal plan into my Day Runner.
Z is for your time zone: Pacific.  I am hating the fact that I lost an hour of will take me at least a week to get back in a normal sleep pattern.
***Pick a letter {or 2} and play along below!***


  1. Ahhhh!! I love this! Okay I pick two letters: D & N

    D - Dinner tonight is an asian beef w/ pepper stir fry and the amazing part about it is that my husband is currently making the dinner while I'm typing. This is a miracle. Although, I'm having to tell him where everything is....

    N - Something that I need: SUGAR!!!! I gave it up for lent and whipping cream this morning and not being able to have a bite was unbelievably painful!!

    1. Great hubby for making dinner. Even if you have to walk him through it step by step, a win is a win! :)
      You are BRAVE to give up sugar completely!!

  2. I don't think I can eat tacos anymore without turning them into a salad. And I'm just going to stop bc after typing that sentence I realize it sounds slightly dirty.

    1. Now I will think of you every single time I make a taco salad...or type taco salad. ha ha

  3. Wasps are totally a legit fear! Fun to read your answers :)

    1. Thank you for understanding my fear. :) And thanks for coming up with this survey...I have seen so many blogs do THIS survey! :)