Friday, October 28, 2011


Unfortunately I have been under the weather this whole week, which has meant no blogging, but lots of 8:30pm bedtimes.

Luckily, I have a 3 day weekend to recover.

Due to my A- personality (which is a blog post all in itself) there is no rest for the weary, so here ia a typical "Mo list" of things I must accomplish this weekend.
  1. Get better!  This will involve lots of soup & sleeping.
  2. Watch "Halloween."  I imaginge this happening in the middle of the day with all the lights on as I have an aversion to scary movies.
  3. Start a list of possible somewhat healthy Thanksgiving side dishes I can make.  Once again, my type A- personality in full force since Turkey day is 4 weeks away.
  4. Put away Halloween decorations that did not make it up due to a crazy week at work and being sick.
  5. Do not freak out when most of this list is not accomplished!!
On that note, I wish everyone a great weekend and a spooky Halloween!

What are your "to-do" items for the weekend?  Anyone else feeling under the weather lately?

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