Monday, October 24, 2011

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like...WHHUUUTT??

Please take a moment and experience what I saw on my way to work this morning.

Sorry for the quality, but I had to quickly bust out my cell phone and snap a picture before getting hit by other cars.

Let me explain to you what you are seeing...Christmas lights.....and a lighted OCTOBER!!


Ummm...I think they skipped over a few holidays in between.

Before you go calling me a Scrooge, please know, I LOVE Christmas.  My Christmas playlist is ready to go by the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  In fact, I love Christmas so much that one year I had all my Fall decor down and Christmas decor up by 1am the night after Turkey Day.  We probably own about 30 Christmas movies/cartoons and watch ALL of the them within one months time.

So you all now know how much I love Christmas.  BUT- we are less than a week away from the scariest day of the year.  Let me enjoy some "Thriller" and "Purple People Eater."  We still have a month before I get to eat myself in a carb loaded food coma...don't jump ahead of the one day a year I will eat whatever I want!

I can ignore the 3 aisles of Christmas crap at Target, Wal-Mart, etc., but I cannot ignore the house that I drive by on the way to work everyday.

Maybe I will leave a carved pumpkin in their yard as a sign.  Or a brown paper bag full of.....candy!  What did you think I was going to say?


  1. I KNOW!!!! The tree at my local mall has been up a week. Target has its section up too. Ughhhhhhhhh..... I work with 5 year olds and I've already made the executive decision to not do anything holidays-related until Dec. 15. I can't lose them too early!

  2. Unacceptable!!
    People are crazy. Maybe they are just insanely lazy and left them up from last year? Yeah, either way, I'm with you on Monster Mash before Deck the Halls takes over.

  3. I too am a great Christmas fan and I love to decorate so badly that I keep on decorating until our tree looks like a disco tree when you turn on the lights. My problem is not so much the early decorating but moreover the break down, when you come to our house in February, it's still very possible to relive the Christmas feeling...