Friday, November 11, 2011

November Rain

Who doesn't love a little rain?  Me, I guess!

I have been waiting for a cold, rainy day for months and today, I got my wish.  Unfortunately, my attitude today went right along with the weather.  So instead of being productive and cleaning house like I wanted to, I went to Safeway and Raley's and wandered the aisles looking for inspiration.  I found lots of food, but no inspiration to go home and clean.  After coming home and changing into my "relaxing" clothes (old gym pants and a SF Giants tee), I made lunch and have done about 3 hours of Facebook nothing here and there.  

Here is what it looks like in good old Central Cali right now.

Someone doesn't mind laying around listening to rain!

Okay, Mr. Rain.  I am done with you and you can politely move on to some other region that needs you.

Maybe tomorrow I will wake up and Mr. Rain's handsome brother-from-another-mother, Mr. Sun will be peeking at me through my window.  One can only wish!


  1. I'm with you on the rain! We are currently in San Diego and I'm just fine with the 12 or so inches a year. As a former SF girl, I love the Giants tee!

  2. I love a rainy day, and a rainy saturday would be kind of nice. However, we've had a few weeks of solid, beautiful Fall sunshine and cool crisp temps. I know better than to complain about that :)