Sunday, April 1, 2012

2012 Goals {Check in #3}

WAAAAY back in January, I set 4 goals for the year.

For the third time this year, I am checking in to evaluate how I have done.

1. Take more time for me.  This month I learned that taking a jog around the neighborhood or lifting weights at the gym NEEDS to count as me time.  I love getting lost in my thoughts as I spend time working on my health.

2. Get back on track health wise - eating.  Ouch.  I need to be honest...I have indulged in too much junk food this month.  I don't know what is wrong with I eat {or drink, because you KNOW Sbux has been involved} what I "shouldn't be" I feel guilty.  I have a million excuses I could spout off, but that is all they are....excuses.  I need to up my game in April.

3. Get back on track health wise - exercise. As bad as I have been with eating, I've kicked ass on this goal.  A few weeks ago, I created a training schedule for my 5k and have followed it about 90% of the time.  But I am making sure to get my workouts in!

4. GO ON VACATION!!  We are still on track for this goal.  I have a million travel guides and magazines on our living room table to help me plan!

My grade this month - B-.  I know that what I put in my body is even more important than exercising, so I MUST figure out what is going on in my head and work towards my goals.  I have some more thoughts on the food thing and will share them with you later this month.

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