Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April Excitement

I cannot believe April is HERE!!  Where did March go?!?!

Looking over my calendar, here are just a handful of things I am excited about for the month of April:

~ SPRING BREAK - 10 glorious days off of work!  Am I doing anything special?  Well, if you count the appointment I just booked for my "lady" doctor special, then YES....100% YES.  I may also book a massage & facial later that week so all my body parts feel the love! {This closes the TMI portion of this post}

~ SASHA GOES TO THE DOGGY SPA - Holy crap she stinks!  Which amazes me because she is mostly an inside dog.  We couldn't afford to send her in March, so the 1st day of vacation I am taking her to be pampered.

~ SPRING CLEANING - This one I am not looking forward to so much, but it has to be done.  I usually deep clean thrice {oh yeah, I said thrice} a year, so we can do general maintenance the rest of the time.  I guess by doing it myself, I can justify using the money I would have spent on a maid to get a facial & massage.

~ TITANIC - Oh no, not JUST Titanic, but TITANIC in 3D!!  True story - this movie came out when I was in high school and I saw it at LEAST 5 times in the theater.  I cannot wait to see it 15 years later!  Bonus - I have somehow managed to talk Gary into going with me...he only agreed because he thinks seeing the boat sink in 3D will be awesome.  And you wonder why I love my husband!

**What are YOU looking forward this month??**


  1. Ok call me crazy, but I have never seen the titanic!! And let me just tell you how jealous I am that you get TEN days off of work! Gah so jealous!

  2. 1st I LOVE your OCD saying. 2nd I'm working on the spring cleaning of my home as well...I figured you'd love it?! I got to make so many lists out of the project. 3rd I cannot WAIT for Titanic. I think I may even go tonight! The moment I saw that advertisement I nearly burst into tears of anticipatory joy. I will say that once the ship sinks I'll have to leave the theater until after the clip of that adorable old couple on the bed passes...

  3. Definitely book the facial and massage! You deserve it! That's why people who work in schools get spring break too!! :) I'll be enjoying mine next week too! Have a wonderful break! :)

  4. omg you are too cute! I just saw a Titanic commercial and thought "no need to advertise the epicness." I hop eyou enjoy!