Friday, April 20, 2012

Top 5 Friday - Special Instagram Edition

Top 5 Things I Was Excited About This Week {Illustrated with Instagram Photos}

1. Roasted Eggplant - I have a whole post ready to go about this, but wanted to share my new found love for one of my favorite vegetables.  Sadly, it is getting to hot to run the oven much longer, so I think we'll have to experiment with the BBQ.

2. Grocery Shopping - Am I the only one who loves doing this?!?  I was SUPER stoked when I got all my vegetables for the next week and a half for under $30!

3. Lemon & Lavender - I've been obsessed with using these 2 ingredients in my baking lately.  I'll have to share a recipe very soon!

4. Mogaritas - If you follow me on Twitter, you read this last night: "It's scientifically proven that I consume more mogaritas between Spring Break & the end of school than any other time of the year." I wish I was's not true either.

 5. PLAYOFF HOCKEY!!  I've been a PROUD San Jose Sharks fan since the franchise started in 1991.  My room between the ages of 13 and 20 was plastered with Sharks {and other NHL} memorabilia.  I wish I could spend as much time as I used to following hockey, but being an adult sucks sometimes and I must spend most of my time doing boring adult things like cooking dinner {not so bad}, paying bills, doing laundry, falling asleep on the couch at 8:17pm....
But once playoffs start, I revert back to the good old days and make the effort to watch every game {even if I have to go to bed before the game ends at 10:30}.

*What was one thing you were excited about this week?*

**Any good weekend plans?**

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  1. Grocery shopping is my favorite thing in the world!!!!

  2. i LOVE grocery shopping. haha mogaritas. love it!

  3. I do love grocery shopping! It's the one chore I look forward to doing weekly :)


  4. mmm, i haven't had roasted eggplant since last summer - it's one of my favorite veggies to roast though! and i love grocery shopping - there are so many possibilities for delicious food when you have a stocked fridge. :)