Monday, April 16, 2012

Starting Off On The Right Foot

In my last post I mentioned the advice I received about getting fitted for proper running shoes.  I had already thought about it in the past, but after receiving this advice from avid runners, I KNEW I had to do it.  I had heard positive things about Fleet Feet, but the closest one to me is 45 minutes away and the reviews on Yelp were so-so.  When I broadened my search, I found a Fleet Feet in Pleasanton that is on the way to my brother's place...SCORE!  Gary & I had already planned to drive down and see him this weekend, so we decided to leave home an hour or so earlier than originally planned.

We got there about 2pm and were greeted as soon as we walked in the door.  They were pretty busy, but it only took a few minutes for someone to come out and help me.  I was lucky to get Eric, who seemed very knowledgeable.  He measured my feet as I sat, then when I stood. Next, he watched me walk barefoot through the store.  After this {probably 15 minutes in} he went into the backroom and brought out 2 pairs of shoes.  I tried on the first pair, then he took me outside where I ran up and down the block for him.  Not liking what he saw {I'm NOT talking about my dope running skills} he took both shoes back and brought out 2 different pairs, since I overpronate {which is interesting because I have high arches...normally overpronaters have flat feet}.  I tried on both of these pairs, ran up & down the block again {I wonder how long it took the barber shop at the end of the block to get used to crazy people running right up to their door then turning around and running back the other way}.

Once that was done, these are the shoes I chose:

Saucony ProGrid Stabil CS2 - PERFECT!

After that was done, Eric explained to me why I should not be wearing cotton socks while running, so I bought 2 specialty pairs of socks and some Superfeet inserts that he thought would help me out.  Then he answered some questions I had regarding compression sleeves and I ended up getting a pair of those as well.  That's when I asked him about sports bras and he kindly handed me over to one of the ladies working.

I never caught her name, but she is my new BFF.


Because when I told her I wore 2 sports bras to hold my girls up while exercising, she shook her head and said that I should never have to wear more than 1.  To be honest, I did not believe her.  Still, she helped me pick out a Moving Comforts bra to try on.  I got into the dressing room, put on my bra, jumped around, hoped there were no hidden cameras, jumped around some more and realized...

...wait for it...


If I wasn't worried about ruining my makeup, I would have cried.  But I had places to be, so there were no tears shed on the outside.

I added the bra to my pile of goodies and began the checkout process.  Thank goodness Gary wasn't wearing makeup because I think HE did cry when the total came up.  Just a little over $300 was my damage.  I had actually already figured {thanks to my Type A personality} that it would be be over $250, but even I was sad to part with that much money.

Here's what $300 got me...not bad!  :)

If you have a Fleet Feet near you - CRAP - even if you have to drive an hour or 2 to get there....GOOOO!!  Their customer service cannot be beat and the products I bought there were all high quality!

I've been able to use all products twice now and I am confident that I made the right decision by going to Fleet Feet to help me get started with the proper running gear.

***Has anyone out there had the "Fleet Feet" experience?***
***What shoes do you run with?***


  1. love them!! so glad you got a new pair - that's my favorite thing in the world is new running shoes - it's like running on a cloud!

  2. 300 dollars well spent! You'll definitely get your money's worth and be comfortable doing so!

  3. Very nice! I have a moving comfort bra and love it!

    I run on Mizuno Wave Nirvanas, they are perfect for me...never had any pain since switching to them :)

  4. Huge difference, isn't it? I love being fitted for shoes. It's almost as relaxing as a pedicure these days. (That makes me kind of sad, I think)

    I've always worn the good socks from the running store, and I've NEVER had a blister. Not once. Even training for my ten miler.

  5. i went to fleet feet in march for the first time and had a very similar experience to yours - aka awesome! everyone was so friendly and helpful, but i left with shoes, non-cotton running socks, and compression sleeves too. a little pricey, but so worth it already!

  6. I was gonna go check out Fleet Feet soon, once my gym shoes break down. I've heard good things from my friends who are runners.

    I found an awesome sports bra from Enell that I've been using for almost a year now. I'm rocking some DDDs and they don't move. It has pretty awesome back support and the front hooks are handy when your arms are too sore to reach behind your back haha