Monday, May 14, 2012

{Almost} Wordless Weekend

May is a BUSY month for my family!  Within 1 week, we celebrate Gary's Birthday, Mother's Day and my dad's birthday!  We typically meet on Mother's Day to celebrate all three.  Here's how we enjoyed our May Celebrations this year:

My Mama & Papa in their lovely garden!

Gary & I - mugging for the camera since 2000!

My Papa & My Hubby = a happy Mo!

By the koi pond

Love my Mama!

Bryant & his GF Laura - I knew I liked her when my mom asked her, "so your a vegetarian, but you drink margaritas?" and she just laughed it off.  Well played!

The Grill Meister reporting for duty!

Typical family gathering photo bomb!

Mama was spoiled!  Wine from B & Laura and a mani/pedi to come from Gary & I!

Yes, that is a card with 2 asses on it.  Yes, that was from my brother. You can decide who is Beavis & who is Butthead...

Papa and his Andre Reiu CD

My family drinks....don't judge.

Showing how I keep sane during family gatherings

Bryant, Mama, Papa & I - the original 4!  :)

***How was your weekend?  Do anything fun & exciting?***

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  1. oh my goodness that garden is fantastic! I want something like that!!!