Friday, May 11, 2012

Top 5 Friday - Hubz Love Edition

Tomorrow is Gary's birthday!!  In honor of his special day, this Top 5 Friday is dedicated to him!

Here are the top 5 things I love about Gary {totally PG rated}

1. His sense of humor - 98% of the time this includes jokes about poop, farts and the combo of sharts!  I may roll my eyes at him a lot, but my inner kid laughs like crazy!  

2. His love of my cooking - I am definitely the cook in our family so Gary has been subject to some meal creations that were barely edible.  Luckily, he has been kind enough to stomach them before telling me his thoughts.  He is always the first one to encourage me to try new recipes {especially those with meat} and cheer me on when I make a great meal!

3. His love of music & movies - these are 2 things we bonded over quickly when beginning our relationship nearly 12 years ago.  I helped convert him into a country music fan and he renewed my love of classic rock.  We both also love movies and look forward to our Friday nights, when we cuddle on the couch to watch the latest Blu Ray release!

4. His Type B Personality - Opposites attract.  We are living proof of that!  Gary has helped me go from MAJOR Type A to Type A- {I am a work in progress}.  On our first vacation together I had our whole trip planned out minute by minute and had a melt down when on Day 2 we were late to something.  Instead of saying "See ya later, you crazy bi-atch" Gary helped to pick me up and continue our vacation and showed me the fun side of not having every activity planned out.  

5. He has a heart the size of Texas - I have heard this said about Gary's dad numerous times since his passing in 2008, and every time I hear it, I think how lucky I am that this was a trait Gary got from his dad.  When something bad happens to a family member or friend, Gary is always the first to think of reaching out to help.  When there is a stray dog that wanders on to Gary's school campus, he makes sure they have water and gives them a belly rub.  When we were going through infertility treatments, Gary always made me feel good about myself and let me know that I was enough for him.  I think my husband has a heart the size of the whole United States!

***In honor of Gary's birthday weekend, make a shart joke, watch a good movie or give someone you love a hug!***

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  1. Hahahahahaha happy birthady to Gary!!! Love that picture of you two ;)