Wednesday, May 16, 2012

BBQ Season Is HERE!!

As much as I dislike the weather {98 degrees 3 days in a row in MAY} there is one, and only one, benefit to it: It's BBQ season bi-atches!!

This is how hot it feels in the Central Valley lately!

What does this mean for me?  I get spoiled twice, sometimes thrice, a week to juicy tri-tip, delicious chicken, and {soon to experiment with} grilled veggies!

It doesn't matter how hot it gets outside.  As long as Gary has a beer, he will BBQ the heck out of some meat for us!

BBQ essentials

This also means I get a break from the kitchen for the most part.  My only job on the nights Gary BBQs is to prepare a side dish, which to me means a sweet potato and a salad or other veggies.

Honey, go relax...I've got dinner covered tonight!

Soon, you will be cooked and in my belly!

Someone thinks they're sneaking a lick off the ground...caught ya!

But my FAVORITE thing about BBQ season?  The final product!
Could this dinner get any better?  I think not!

***Do you like to BBQ?***


  1. 98 degrees?!?!? Holy cow...but on a side note it makes me want to sing 90s boy band music..

  2. oh yum! i love grilling too! i had to learn how to do it myself recently because my husband has been working really long hours lately. if i waited for him to do it, i'd be way too hungry! it's not difficult, but i definitely would rather let the man do the grilling. :)

    and 98 degrees?!? ew. not fun at all.

    1. Yes, I prefer Gary BBQ-ing. He's really good at it AND it gives me a break for the night!

  3. OMG I love bbq!!! Finally a blogger who is unafraid to love the BBQ!

    I'm so excited that we live within a few hours of each other. You said Modesto?!? We should definitely plan a meet up or something this summer.

    1. I LOVE BBQ season! Meat is my other BFF...I could never be vegetarian! Yup, MoTown. We NEED to meet up this summer! That would be so fun! I think there are a few other Bay Area bloggers out there. :)

  4. Hey Mo! Great post, love the hubby pic. Good to see your yummy food. Have a great weekend! Hearts!