Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Miss Me??

It's been almost a week since my last post....I miss you guys!

I have to admit it WAS nice not to blog for almost a week. 

I am drained...last week I spent Thursday & Friday in Disneyland with my Seniors.  I am not complaining, because it was an amazing experience, but I was up for exactly 24 hours and 17 minutes before I got a chance to crash on the bus for 4 hours.  Then it was 3 hours before I took another 4 hour nap. 

This week is Graduation week at both my high school & Gary's, so our theme at home for the week is "Survival."  Easy dinners, no stressing about housework not done and did I mention easy dinners?  Mostly salads and BBQ.

Sorry for the short post, but I wanted to let you know I am still alive and that I should be back to regular blogging next week.


  1. Good luck and keep your head will be calm soon :)

  2. I can totally understand why you were gone! That grad night was awesome!!! It's the best time I've ever had at Disneyland (and I've been a total of 5 times). But it was crazy tiring. I'm so glad to have you back.