Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I Think I'm Ready For This Jelly

In July, I bought a Groupon for a specialty pedicure at Bliss, a local spa/salon.  Of course, I waited until a week before it expired to put it to use, but it was exactly what I needed right now.

There were a few options for me to pick from and one of them was a Jelly Pedicure.  I have NEVER heard of this before, so I was all for trying it.

Here is a video from the manufacturer explaining how to use it {only takes a minute}.

It's hard to explain how it felt, but it was kind of like soaking your feet in cream of wheat {not that I've ever done this}.  Trust me, you want to try this out next time you get a pedicure.

I enjoyed a long soak in the jelly, a warm paraffin dip and a relaxing foot/leg massage to end it {the massage could have been longer, but it was definitely nice}.

Now, I have purple sparkly piggies and can cross 1 pedicure off my to-do list for 2012...I will need another one before summer comes around.


  1. Sounds fabulous!! I've never heard of a jelly pedicure before! Nice to meet you, by the way! :)

  2. that's crazy!!! I once saw a 20/20 episode (or some other show like that) covering this story where tiny fish are put in your pedicure...bucket? Anyway they actaully eat the dead skin off of your feet.....

    Hi, I'm Sarah and I like to repulse people when I first meet them.

    1. Hi Sarah! That comment made me laugh so hard! It must have been a slow news week for them to report on flesh eating fish...I bet the promos sounded more interesting than it actually turned out!

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