Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Liposuction Voucher To A 7-year Old??

I just read this article/video from Huffington Post and cannot believe what I read {and watched} is true!!

HOW IN THE WORLD can a mother think it is okay to give her 7-year old a voucher for liposuction as a Christmas gift?!?!

I work with teenage girls everyday and it already breaks my heart to hear the way they describe themselves: "too fat" "too short" "too tall"  But, at least I get it...I was once 16 and HATED that I had big hips, big thighs and {gawd} big boobs, while all my cute friends were skinnier.  Then a few years passed and I realized that: 1. It's okay to have a different body type than everyone else I knew, because 2: I can't change the way my body is.  Yes, I can keep it healthy by working out and feeding myself healthy foods, but no matter if I am in a "skinny" phase or a "fat" phase of life, my big hips, big thighs and big boobs are always there with me!

But for a MOTHER to give her 7-year old daughter this so-called gift is bull shit!  Please note that her last gift was a voucher for a boob job when she turns 18.  The dark humor side of me thinks "18??  Make it for when she is 30.  Trust me, I am boob were JUST fine at's when I could use a lift."

What is this mother telling her daughter?  To me, she is telling her that she will NEVER be good enough just the way she is.

Society already tells young girls that everyday when they turn on the TV or look in a they are getting the same message from home??

PLEASE chime in on this one...I cannot be the only one who thinks this is ridiculous, sad, outrageous, etc!!

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  1. As a mother, I basically feel like she is setting up her daughter to fail as she grows up. Why would you put that stress on your daughter at 7?? At 7, I was a typical sized girl, then gained weight between 8-13, thanks to adolescence and by high school, trimmed down, even though I still had the big hips and thighs but wasn't what anyone could consider "fat". (Oh, how I wish I could tell that to my 15 year old self who thought I was so fat!!!) A mother is supposed to support and love her child, not beat them down and make them feel like crap. Seriously, to have kids, you should have to go through a class and get a freaking license.