Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Letting My Light Shine

There's a cute song that starts: "This little light of mine.  I'm gonna let it shine."

That is EXACTLY how I felt today!

At work, I taught myself how to use Google Docs, which I have been wanting to do for some time because it would help me in so many aspects of my job, but have honestly been too busy/tired/lazy/burnt out to do it.  Well, I guess a 3 week vacation lit a fire under my butt!  Within 30 minutes I had it all figured out.  I also caught up on a lot of things I had kind of pushed to the side...I was a motivated employee today!

During my lunch hour, I did my grocery shopping for the next few days.  While I was picking out my eggplant I noticed a lady staring at me {not in a strange way, but in a way where she looked confused} so I started a conversation with her.  I guess she had never had eggplant before and was apprehensive about buying it.  So I told her a few of the ways I cook with eggplant.  Not only did she sounds interested, she bought TWO eggplant!  Then I had a similar situation with another woman regarding kale.

These interactions made me happy for two reasons:

1.  Because of me, these women may no longer be afraid of eggplant or kale {they may even be brave enough to try OTHER vegetables}.
2.  If you know me, I am NOT the type of person to start a conversation with someone in the grocery store.  Yes, I WILL tell someone at Costco to move their cart that is blocking the aisle because they are waiting for a sample, but to strike up a friendly conversation scares me.  Once I know someone, I rarely shut up and probably will talk your ear off, but not until I know you well enough...which is ironic since I am a blogger!

I also tried my sock bun method of curling for the first time since going back to work and it was a hit. I got tons of compliments, which always lift my spirits {you ladies know what I am talking about...don't deny it}!

Oh, I also stuck to my meal plan today, even eating LESS than what I had packed....NO bag of M&M's for me today.  But I DID treat myself to one of these heavenly bites:

I only had 1, I promise!
 But I did enjoy a lot of almonds and dates today...yummmm!!

After I came home from work, I found that my calendar I created on had arrived.  I've never done a personalized calendar's pretty awesome since I was able to add special days of my own {birthdays, anniversary's, the date I plan on winning the Lotto, etc}.

I finished the day with a delicious dinner - chicken and brussel sprouts.  I love brussel sprouts, but only have them a few times a year {probably because they are always expensive} so when I find a good deal, I cannot resist.

Days like this make me realize how I am constantly growing and changing.  Pushing myself at work to go above and beyond what is expected and to be outgoing in public are sometimes hard for me.  But I am striving to let my light shine more and more, and don't plan on stopping anytime soon!

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  1. Congrats on learning out to use Google docs! I absolutely love them and primarily use it to keep track of everything instead of microsoft office. Hair also looks great. ;)