Wednesday, February 29, 2012

2012 Goals {Check In #2}

Happy Leap Day! 

Since I will be at a conference for my school today through Saturday {yay!}, I thought I would check in a few days early!

In case you have not read about my 2012 goals, here is the link.

Here's how I feel I did for the 29 days in February:

1. Take more time for me.  I'm doing a lot better with this one.  Mostly because I have had a whole week off of work, which gave me plenty of time to do most of the things I wanted to do.

2. Get back on track health wise - eating.  MUCH better this month.  I did a 2 week detox, which I feel helped reset my body. Since then I have been good about 80% of the time.  My goal is to eat well 90% of the time, giving me a little bit of room to splurge!

3. Get back on track health wise - exercise.  Last month I said I was making better decisions, but would not be running a marathon anytime soon.  TRUE, but I DID sign up for my first 5k a last week!!  This has really helped keep me on track with working out daily.  I even made it to the gym for the first time in MONTHS this past weekend!  I will be working on a training schedule next week, which will help me out even more.

4. GO ON VACATION!!  Our goal to go on a vacation this summer is looking positive!  We're putting money aside each month, so as long as no major issues come up {knock on wood} we will be going SOMEWHERE in a few months!

My grade for February: A++!!  I have not been this proud of myself in a long time...I feel like 2012 is really the year I am going to get back to the Mo I used to be {just older & wiser}.

I won't be posting anything else this I mentioned above, I will be at a conference for school employees who are directly involved with school leadership.  Don't feel bad for me - it's in Reno and there's lots of dancing & booze.  But we will also get a lot of ideas and feel overwhelmed trying to fit them into everything else we already do.

I will be on Twitter when I can {follow me}!


  1. You are so smart to check in with your goals before the week of new years! I usually wait and have a panic attack realizing all the things I set out to do and forgot! Good luck in the conferences this week.

  2. Good luck at the conferences this week! Good luck with your goals for March :)


  3. awesome job and I can't wait for you to run your 5k!!! great job girlie!

  4. Wahooo signing up and training for races has definitely held me accountable in the past (but now I am injured, not cool :( ) So excited to see how your 5k goes!!