Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Saturday to Myself

I meant to post this early this morning, but time got away from me...better late than never!

As soon as I woke up yesterday morning, I was itching to get out and do something.  I was in desperate need of some cosmetic/beauty items, so I decided to drive to the closest Ulta {about 30 minutes away} and make a day out of it by stopping in at Pier 1, Cost Plus and Trader Joe's!  The hubz was not in tears that this meant a day at home by himself {I think he saved the tears for after I left}.

No joke, I spent over an hour in Ulta, just wandering the aisles.  What I love about Ulta is that they are a mixture between Sephora and Target...on one side of the store they have higher end brands like Philosophy and Murad, while on the other side they offer items from Neutrogena and Pantene.  This gives me a great opportunity to compare products.  I used to buy a salicylic acid body spray from Murad that cost about $25.  The first time I went to Ulta, I saw Neutrogena had their own version.  Upon comparison, I  realized that they had the exact same ingredients, but the Neutrogena spray was less than $10!  Ulta also carries a wide variety of organic and natural beauty items and they are always have sales, so if I plan it right I can get some of my favorite items really cheap!

I've never tried fake lashes before and want to see if I can do it!

Next was Pier 1, where I stocked up on some clearance items and fantasized about how I will decorate our mansion when Gary & I win the lotto one day.  I also decided that when the world comes to an end later this year, and it is Gary, myself & John Cusak against the rest of society, while they raid grocery stores so we can survive, I will raid Pier 1 so we can have the most stylish, comfortable and good smelling bunker!

Cost Plus was next....I have found that I like looking around Cost Plus, but I rarely buy anything.  Probably because I always hit Pier 1 first and hit my spending limit there!

Then it was time to hit the holy grail of grocery shopping - Trader Joe's.  Most of the time I hate that it is 30 minutes from where I live, but there are times I am thankful for that, or I might go there a few times a week and spend a small fortune!  I stocked up on some almond meal, a pack of tilapia I want to experiment with later this week, dark chocolate peanut butter cups and bought this chocolate stout for Gary & I to share later that night {it was really good, but a bit too strong, so Gary had to drink his half AND some of mine...what a guy}!

I came home, dropped off the groceries, had a quick lunch and headed back out to finish getting our groceries for the week.

By the time I got home from that, it was nearly 5 and I wanted to cook the chicken for our salads.  I was halfway done when I remembered I had Kohl's cash that was going to expire that night....damn!  So Gary took over the chicken while I headed out for one last adventure.  I ended up buying a cute V-day decoration that was 80% off and 2 cute summer cardigans.

Finally I was able to come home and RELAX!!  I made our salads {using this dressing from the other night} and we watched Midnight In Paris.  We both really liked it and I am obsessed with the music...if I closed my eyes, I could picture myself walking down the Paris streets!

Yummy dinner salad!

Getting a day to myself was something I have really needed for awhile.  I like to go out and take my time exploring shops and not feel rushed.  Perfect day!!

***How was your weekend?  Any fun stuff come up?***


  1. I love having an afternoon to explore and shop all by myself. I am much more efficient and relaxed when I go at it alone.

  2. You're weekend sounds amazing! I adore Ulta and just got suckered into... $30 bronzer. BUT i I love it and am convinced I could be mistaken for a Kardashian (glowing cheeks...and the bum).

    I love shopping for the house by myself, i get so much more done and I'm in the zone. plus, when Husband FAce comes, we end up with oreos and no.

    1. Instead of Sarah, we'll call you Kara's been decided!
      Yes, oreos, doritos, beer, frozen pizza...I like going alone!