Tuesday, February 14, 2012

5 Favorite Love Songs

I hate to lie to you on Valentine's Day, but there are more than 5 songs in this list.  A lot more.  When else do I get to go on about mushy songs?

Will you forgive me??


What if I tell you there are NO Celine songs on this list??

Thanks!  Love you, too!

Here are my Top 10ish Love Songs:

“Come Away With Me” {Norah Jones}- Such a smooth, sultry song.  Absolutely love Norah Jones and the vibe of her music.

“More Than Words” {BBMak, cover of Extreme} – Who remembers BBMak??  Early 2000’s band from England.  They had a few hits here in the U.S., but I remember ringing in 2001 with Gary, watching MTV {because we were still kool kids back then} and this was the song they played at midnight.

“Faithfully” {Journey}”I’m forever yours.  Faithfully.”  Enough said.

“With or Without You” {U2}  I bought Rattle & Hum on cassette when I was about 13 years old for this song.  Almost 20 years later, I will still listen to this song in its entirety {and the album...classic}

“Time After Time” {Cyndi Lauper} – How can an 80’s song with the lyric: “If you're lost, you can look and you will find me, time after time” NOT make my list.  Isn’t that what true love is?  Being there for each other at your best AND your worst?

“At Last” {Etta James} A true, classic love song, full of soul and passion.  This was the first song Gary & I claimed as “ours” so many years ago!

“Never Tear Us Apart” {INXS}  Michael Hutchence?  A sax solo?  You know it must be amazing.

“Glory of Love” {Peter Cetera} Yes, a totally cheesy 80’s love song, but how can you resist belting this song out every time they play it on the radio?

“Let’s Stay Together” {Al Green} If there is one song out there that makes me want to go practice baby-making, this is it!!

Anything by Nat King Cole - My dream romantic weekend includes a fireplace, blankets, wine and Nat King Cole on the stereo.

“Bless The Broken Road” {Rascal Flatts} The 1st song we danced to as husband & wife.  Interesting story as how this became “our” song.  We were already set to dance to another song, when a few weeks before the wedding Gary & I got into a major fight while driving somewhere.  Not a “why do you insist on driving 10 miles above the speed limit?” fight, but a real, angry argument.  For you married people out there, you know how stressful the few weeks before your wedding can be.  No less than 2 minutes after we stopped talking, this song came on the radio.  After a few verses, Gary reached over and held my hand.  We both knew at that moment this was the song we wanted played for us at our wedding.  Needless to say, we made up and this will forever be a special song for us.


***What are a few of your favorite love songs?***


  1. Haha I am such a sucker for a Journey song :)
    My favorite is Adele, "Make You Feel My Love" and Coldplay "Green Eyes" (which was our wedding song)<3

  2. Happy Valentines Day darling!!! one of my favorite love songs is "Blue Eyes" by Cary Brothers -- love love love it!

  3. I'm drawing a total blank right now, but thanks for sharing your favorite love songs!! Hope you have a wonderful week.

  4. I also love "At Last" by Etta James! Makes me feel all mushy inside! <3

  5. 3 things - 1. I WISH Celine could have made it. 2. BBMAK rocks/rocked and I love you love them, 3. Al Green sings the sexiest song of all it.