Friday, June 29, 2012

All My Bags Are Packed....

...I'm ready to go!  

{Anyone else having flashback to Armageddon?  Ben Affleck in his prime....yum!} 

Tomorrow morning, Gary & I leave for our 2 week long road trip along the Pacific Northwest!  Can you believe it was in January that I started talking about this trip?

Well, it's here!  I'm excited and nervous at the same time...I look forward to our time away together {we really need this getaway} but I'm such a homebody that sometimes 2 weeks seems like ages.

I am so excited about the adventures that await us {fingers crossed they are mostly good}!

As for Organically Mo, I might stop in here and there to post some pictures and update you on our trip...or I may not....I really don't have a plan {my husband would be THRILLED to hear this}.

Hopefully you'll check in with me on Twitter, where I know I'll be tweeting and posting lots of pictures!


  1. Hey Mo... I nominated you for the versatile blogger award! ;-)