Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fly For Dessert?!?!

This evening Gary & I went to dinner at Mama & Papa's to meet and visit with some of the family from Papa's side, who were visiting from Holland!

It's always so cool meeting people from other countries....especially when they are related to you!

We joked about how everything restaurant, bar, etc. here in America is "World Famous," when my Dutch relatives knew nothing about these places!  American advertising at its finest!

Before dinner, Gary & I gave Papa his Father's Day gift {and made him do this silly pose}:

Besides my "World Famous" Strawberry Feta Salad {with homemade dressing} there was LOTS to eat!

I chowed down on some tri-tip and my salad {I added a few pieces of honeydew after this picture was taken}

Also, guess who got the short chair??  I felt like a kid again!

Now onto to fly vlaai dessert.  Vlaai {pronounced "fly" in English} is a Dutch pie or tart consisting of a pastry and filling {according to Wikipedia}.

What I really liked about it was that is wasn't so full of sugar like normal "American" pies.  I could taste the crust and the cherries inside without getting a sugar rush!!

So now when I tell people I've eaten "fly" they'll give me a weird look for a different reason than usual!


  1. That pie is so cute! Even better that it tastes yummy!

  2. Have you ever heard of shoo fly pie? It is amazing!