Friday, June 22, 2012

Top 5 Friday {Summer Loving}

Top 5 {+1} Things I LOVE about Summer:

1. Flip Flops - for home, the pool, the's prefectly acceptable to wear flip flops all day long!  {Just have a cute #2 to show off}

2. Pedicures - I rarely get pedicures during the cold months, but once I start showing my piggies off to the public, you KNOW I'm going to keep them looking cute!

3. BBQ - Whether we're BBQing with friend, family or just the 2 of us, BBQing is an event for Gary & I. 

4. LIGHT - Gone are the dreary winter months.  We're enjoying the sun from 5:30am - 9:30pm for the next month!

5. Vacation - Doesn't matter if it's a day trip, a weekend trip, or a 2 week road trip {yay!}, this is THE time to hit the road and enjoy the scenery outside of your city.

6. Adult Beverages- A mo-garita at noon?  Sure!  Some wine with dinner?  Okay.  Even though we've pushed pause with alcohol recently {which I KNOW helped us lose weight}, it's still fun to indulge in a few drinks over the summer months.  Anyway, the heat burns off all alcohol calories - Mo Law.

***What's on your Summer Loving list??***


  1. I love your list. Your flip flop picture made me think of the wall o flip flops in Old Navy. I was in there last night and I swear they have every color.

    Girl, we are getting together for bbq and beverages!!!! This summer, it's happening. Are there any 5ks coming up in Modesto? I'm under the impression that running a race in the morning makes beverages and bbq zero calories...

  2. Yes, we HAVE to have that BBQ. Unfortunately no 5k's here until October. Boo! We can still plan a BBQ/Beverages date. We're gone for 2 weeks in July, so maybe August? Ugghh...that sounds so far away!

  3. 1-5 top my list as well! Although if there's no snow on the ground, I'll wear flip flops :0


  4. Pedicures...YAY!! ;)
    I got one yesterday. My feet were horrible...I went probably like 2 months without getting one.
    Anyways...glad you have a vacation planned soon..I'm in desperate need of one <3

  5. BBQ = the best thing in the world. I just had pig from a pig roast this weekend. Talk about amazing