Sunday, July 29, 2012

Celebrating 32 - Part 1

The last time my birthday fell on a Saturday, I was turning 27.

Since this only happens every 5 years or so, I knew I had to live my birthday up!

I was awake by 8am and made a healthy breakfast to start my year off right.

Since we took our 2 week road trip, neither Gary or I were going to buy each other birthday gifts, but he had lost a bet a few weeks ago and I won a foot massage!  Well, we both really won, because it was a win-win bet we had made.  It's much more fun when 2 people can enjoy a win! 

There's this massage place that has been in town for a little over a year now and we kept saying how we HAD to try it out.  Thank goodness we finally did.  They charge $15 for a 30 minute foot massage, which actually included a 10 minute head, shoulder and arm massage before they moved to our legs & feet.

I'm ready to be pampered!
Holy crap!  It was amazing!  I actually preferred the upper body massage more, just because I did a killer arm workout earlier this week, so this loosened my muscles!

Both Gary & I said we would be back.

For the both of us to get a 30 minute massage for $30 {not including a tip} we could afford to do this at least once a month.

Do I look relaxed or what?!?!

 After they made us leave before we took an afternoon nap, we had some errands to run, but I was hungry {it's hard work turning another year older}.

Neither of us wanted anything too heavy since we were going to have a big dinner, so Qdoba it was.  If you have a Qdoba by you and you've never been, stop the insanity and GO!!!

They have what they call their Craft2 menu, where for $6 you can get 2 items off this special menu.  Gary & I always get the 2 chicken tacos and a chicken quesadilla to share.  The picture below is my half of the lunch.  It's a crazy amount of food!!

 We also got a side of chips & a root beer. Gary felt like it was HIS birthday because we haven't had soda in months.

I loved this cup!
 After lunch, we headed to Target to make some returns, then next door to Famous Footwear to find Gary some new sneakers.  I love when Famous Footwear has their BOGO 1/2 off sale....Gary & I both win in that situation.  Unfortunately they didn't have his shoes in stock, so we went home to look online.  We ended up getting him a pair of Puma's and I got my own pair of Puma's:

I've been wanting sneakers to wear to work that don't look so bulky.  I think these are really slick and since they are black, I can wear them with almost anything!

Besides the BOGO sale, I had a code for 20% off our purchase.  So we ended up paying $95 for 2 pairs of Puma's....I was a HAPPY birthday girl!  Gary's shoes alone were normally $80.

While I was processing our FF order, Gary took my car to be washed and came back with these:
 We had plans to visit some friends at their place that night, so I made a quick salad, grabbed some bottles of wine to share and we headed out.

By the time dinner started, Gary & I had enjoyed some orange muscat, so I had a few sips of champagne.

Our friend BJ works with a lot of different brewing companies, so he knows his stuff!  He busted out 2 bottles of this stout for all of us to share.

I was crazy enough to offer to take the glass with the least amount of beer in it.  Silly Mo!  It was seriously one of the best beers I've ever had.

Of course, wherever we were, the dogs had to be there as well!  How cute are they??

 Once the sun went down, we all jumped in the pool for some night swimming.  The only positive thing about living in a place where it can easily reach 100 is that it keeps the pools warm!

 By the time we got in the pool, Gary & I had started chugging some water bottles.  I think we had about 8 between us!  One more difference between 32 & 22 - I now know when I have reached my limit and need to start coming back to reality so I'm not suffering the next day.
 I was so sad when we had to leave, but we needed to get home to Sasha, who had probably thought we abandoned her!  Plus we had another birthday celebration planned for Sunday with my family.

I had SUCH an amazing 32nd birthday!  If my whole year mimics this one day, I am a lucky girl!  :)

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