Monday, July 9, 2012

Oregon/Washington Road Trip: Day 8

Saturday morning we said goodbye to Port Townsend and our family and headed down 101 to Rockaway Beach, Oregon.

The drive took us quite a long time {mostly due to a horrible accident} but we got there in 1 piece. Well, 2 pieces, since Gary & I are not connected at the hip.

Cool bridge above and below

I could have a photo album of just pictures of me driving on this trip thanks to my hubby.

Lunch at Slater's Diner...lots of food that kept us full until we ate dinner at 9pm that night.

Hello Oregon!!

So we were right on schedule and about 30 minutes from our hotel when a HUGE accident happened.  It seriously happened about 10 minutes ahead of us and we were at a standstill for 15 minutes before Gary got out to walk down and see what was going on.  The news was being passed down the road that there was a horrible accident and that Life Flight was being brought in.

No traffic was getting through either way for at least an hour or two.

That left us with 2 options - take another route that would take us an hour out of the way, or head to Seaside, Oregon, one of the places we wanted to visit the next day.

We opted to check out Seaside, which we thought was a cute little beach town, and kept us busy for 2 hours.  We also got the best caramel latte on our trip so far there!

We finally hit the road to Rockaway Beach again and this time had no problems getting to our "beach bungalow."

The view from our patio:

Even though we hadn't had dinner yet, we had to run to the beach for some pictures!

Our bungalow was at the top of the stairs right in the middle of the picture.

Some random people having a bonfire

We finally did a run to Safeway to grab a rotisserie chicken and some deli sides for a quick, cheap dinner at 9pm!

I don't want to leave...can you blame me?!?!


  1. I am so jealous of all of the awesome places you've been going! This trip looks like it's been amazing!

    1. Aww, thank you! I had a great time, but it is nice to be home now!

  2. I cannot believe that is the view from where your staying! Holy jealousness.

    1. LOL Don't be jealous! It has taken me almost 32 years to stay at a place like this!