Monday, July 2, 2012

Oregon/Washington Road Trip: Days 2 & 3

We woke up early on Day 2 and said goodbye to Medford and hit the road to Albany.

On the way, we did took a scenic road to see where it would lead.

I am in love with covered bridges!

We were getting hungry and wanted to eat by the water, so we entered a State Park and when Gary told the guy we just wanted to eat lunch and leave, he was VERY nice and let us go through.  Gary - always connecting with people through the love of food.  ;-)

Our last stop was the WAAAAAY other side of where we ate lunch!  When no one is there to take your picture, take your own!  #MoLaw

About 4pm, we made it to our hotel, Phoenix Inn.  Once again, not the Hilton, but VERY nice.  King size bed with a living area separated by a half wall.  Gary's favorite part?  Seattle's Best coffee served ALL day long!  My husband as been on a caffeine kick since the minute we checked in.

Day 3 was the day we got to sleep in {is it sad that 7:30 is sleeping in to me?}!!

After a filling breakfast, we got ready and headed out for another day of adventure.

Our first stop was Mount Angel, a cute town with Bavarian flair!

How cute is their City Hall???

Next stop was Silverton, where we wanted to check out another covered bridge.  No thanks to a horrible map we had on us, we got lost, so we stopped in the museum/help center, where the nicest lady helped us out.

I am glad we got lost, because as we were leaving the office, we heard water running, so we went to check it out.

I am so jealous that these people have a river right behind them!

AND they have this gorgeous park within walking distance.

We finally got to the bridge, which is the oldest covered bridge in Oregon and the only one you can still drive through.

One thing we saw a TON of today was CHRISTMAS TREES!!!  No joke, we couldn't go 5 minutes without seeing a christmas tree I the only one who imagined them being grown on a snowy hill??  lol

We finally made it to Silver Falls, but because of Gary's back we could only do the 
 quarter mile walk to the first waterfall.

The minute I saw these Gary told me "don't eat them!"

How amazing s this tree shot?

Hello beautiful!

Thanks to the couple from Michigan who took this picture of us!

You could tell this guy was familiar with this place.  He was running around, drinking water.  We kept thinking he was going to jump in and swim.

Our last stop, and a bit out of the way, was Oregon State University.

Makes me wish I could go back and go to college here!  

Sadly the store was closed, so I had to take a picture for one of my former students who is coming here in the fall!

After our long day, we stopped at Red Robin for some burgers and fries before heading back to the hotel.

Tomorrow we get up early so we can walk around Portland a few hours before heading to Washington to visit our families.

Voodoo Doughnut - here I come!!


  1. All of these pictures are amazing -- I love the waterfall!!!

  2. Oh, I'm just 9 ways of envious. Everything looks so beautiful and perfect. What an awesome vacation.