Thursday, July 19, 2012

Heaven In My Mouth

Getting back to a semi-normal schedule is hard!  For 2 weeks, we got up at different times everyday, depending on what we had to do, so I've been in extreme need of a routine this week!

Monday & Tuesday I hit the gym for some elliptical time {it was easy since Josh Groban was co-hosting "Live with Kelly"} then did the weight machines for upper & lower body.  Both parts of my body are still screaming, in case anyone is wondering.
Wouldn't you do the elliptical for an hour if you got to look at and hear this guy the whole time??

I decided to take Wednesday easy, since we had Dish Network coming to do an install and did 30 minutes of yoga and stretching on my own.  Which means I did a lot of stretching with my bands ans did as many yoga poses as I can remember {not a lot}.  

I honestly thought I would be fine with that, but my body is craving more activity lately.  I think that being active everyday for 2 weeks made my body realize that it WANTS to move!  Well, if that is what it wants, that is what it will get from now on!

Meals this week have been simple.

Lots of this:
 And this:

We have so many wines in our collection that we finally had to say "NO!" to buying anymore before we actually drink the ones we have. Mission accepted, sir!

Today I picked up my mom for a mani/pedi {thank you for the early birthday present}, lunch & shopping!
3 of my favorite things {4 if you include my Mama}!

My toes are bright!

Love the pearl color.  Hate that I already screwed up a nail!
For lunch we headed to BJ's.  It is one of my favorite places toe at, but sometimes the menu scares me because it is soooo big!  I stuck to the Lunch Specials and got half a sandwich, half a wedge salad and some skinny fries {I shared the fries and salad with Mama}.

One thing I DIDN'T share was this:
A Watermelon Mojito!!
Don't feel bad for my mom.  She had a Strawberry Mojito!

What goes well with eating & booze??  SHOPPING!

We hit Sephora, The Body Shop & ULTA to pick up things I absolutely needed and a few I didn't, but wanted {thanks for buying me the Jennifer Aniston Gift Set in spirit, Gary}!  

Before we headed home, Mama & I stopped off at Village Baking Company and shared a slice of this heavenly mocha cake.

It was so good, it deserves 2 pictures!

Absolute Heaven in your mouth!!!!!!!!

***What's the best dessert you have had recently?***

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  1. Strawberry Mojitos sound fantastic!! I think that one of my favorite desserts lately has been strawberries with balsamic. We are trying to go gluten and dairy free so the dessert department is a little thin!