Monday, July 23, 2012

What a weekend!!

My weekend started Friday night with a trip to the Stanislaus County Fair.  We hadn't been in a few years, so we wanted to support our community.

This guy eats his Wheaties!
 It was about 93 degrees at 5pm, but we stayed cool by drinking beverages.  ;-)

My mom & dad were working the American Legion beer booth, so we HAD to buy from them.

We also enjoyed cheeseburgers that were very tasty!  They didn't taste like a burger you would buy at a Fair, so I was really impressed!

 You KNOW we couldn't leave the Fair without sharing a funnel cake.  This tiny sucker cost us almost $6.

I totally forgot that Bret Michael's was playing at the Fair that night, but I was gently reminded when I saw women of ALL ages walking around like they were auditioning for another season of "Rock of Love."  Don't some of these people realize that certain things cannot be unseen??  

We hung around the Fair for about 3 hours, until we were sick of the farm animal smell, the temptation of food and the lack of clothing around us.

Saturday morning started with a filling breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon and strawberries.  NOM NOM 

I then made myself run 2 miles at 9am.  It was already in the high 70's and felt MUCH warmer in the sun.
I made myself some iced peppermint tea once I was done!

It was worth it though.  The energy I had all day was indescribable!

Saturday was also a big day for us technology geeks!  Gary & I finally decided that after 4 years of being cable-less, we were going to have Dish Network install a dish for us!!!  

Yes, we have TV again!!

I am excited, yet nervous at the same time.  I am thrilled we finally get to watch some of our favorite shows in HD, but I still do not see why people NEED 250+ channels!  

We celebrated that night with a glass of orange muscat.  Both of us were so excited we nodded off during the movie we were watching.  Our exciting life!!

Sunday was the BEST day though.  

We could no longer see our friends post on Facebook and Twitter about how amazing Dark Knight Rises was.  We had to see for ourselves.

Take it from me....HOLY MOTHER WHAT THE WHAT?!?!  IT WAS AMAZING!!!!! 
GO SEE IT!  I cannot count the number of times I got goosebumps while watching.  And I totally want to go back and watch the last 10 minutes of the movie over & over.

Instead of spending my July paycheck on fatty popcorn and soda, we brought our own snacks.  I have not had Reese's Pieces in at least 3 or 4 years!  This may be my new movie theater treat! 

What could make my Sunday even better {other than work calling and telling me to take tomorrow off on their dime}??


What is Fitfluential?  According to their website: "FitFluential is a growing family of fitness fanatics spreading a positive healthy message year-round."

To me it is more than that.  Ever since I started reading blogs, I saw how hard these Fitfluential Ambassadors worked at their health & sharing that with others.  Once I started my own blog, my goal was to become one of these Ambassadors.  Fitfluential Ambassadors are people from all walks of life and all different sizes.  What we all have in common though is that we are doing the best we can health wise and we're sharing it with the world!

I am so glad to be #fitfluential!!

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