Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I Found a Lump

Like for real.  Last Thursday.  Under my armpit.

So I went to the doctor on Monday to have it checked.

Good news: The lump I found wasn't anything to worry about.

Bad news:  My doctor thought the lump SHE found might be something to worry about.

She wanted me to get an ultrasound and a possible mammogram.

Just so you know, cancer does run in my family.

I turn 32 this Saturday....I didn't want to celebrate earlier with a mammogram.  But I knew I'd do it if they wanted me to.

I was in a daze as I went to schedule my ultrasound appt.  

That daze continued until Gary & I got to the Radiology department today.

My technician was very nice and beyond thorough.  Nobody has ever spent so much time with my armpit before.  She took her time getting good images of my lump & helped relax me {as much as possible}.

Once she was done, she ran the images to the Radiologist and he had me come to see him to explain my results.

Which meant no mammogram....which meant nothing to worry about.  Whew!

I ended up having a clogged sweat duct.  Since it doesn't bother me too much, I don't have to have it taken out.  If it gets worse, I always have that option.  

I am beyond thankful that everything turned out okay.

This post wasn't written to have you tell me how glad you are I get to keep my boobies {unless you're my husband - you TOTALLY can}.

It was written as a reminder of how important self-examinations are. 

Please, please, please check yourself every month.

If you find something, go to your doctor.  It may just be a clogged sweat duct like mine, but the peace of mind I have was worth my $15 co-pay and the 2 hours I had to take off of work.

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